Tarrant County Government LEAD NETWORK ENGINEER (WIRELESS) – Information Technology in Tarrant County, Texas

This position will design, install, and manage the Access, Distribution, and Core layers of the Tarrant County Network infrastructure. Design fault tolerance and high availability into the County network. Engineer Quality of Service (QoS) policies into the County's converged network of voice, video, and data. This position will manage the connectivity for the Wide Area Network (WAN). The position will design, install, and manage connections between the County's network and partner agencies. The position will manage the County's connections to the Internet. The position will manage the Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system. The position will implement, configure, maintain, troubleshoot, secure, and monitor, the network environment within the County.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Install, configure and maintain Access layer Ethernet switches for 90% of the Local Area Networks (LANs) in the downtown campus and remote locations. Designs and implements fault-tolerant star topologies for the LANs. Use Virtual LAN (VLAN) technologies to make the most efficient use of available network ports.
  2. Install, configure, and maintains all Distribution and Core layer routers/switches that connect sixty-six (66) County buildings or offices.
  3. Design, implement and maintains communications network for large multi-story buildings utilizing fiber optics, cooper and wireless technologies.
  4. Manages route advertisement between all County routers via the EIGRP protocol.
  5. Manages the leased connectivity for the County Wide Area Network (WAN) that includes Point to Point T1 service, ISDN, Frame Relay, and ATM. The position will also manage the licensed microwave links that exist in the Tarrant County WAN.
  6. Design, implement, and manages all County WiFi networks (802.11x).
  7. Install, configure and manages the County network layer Firewalls facing the public Internet.
  8. Install, configure, and manages remote access into the County network using Virtual Private Network (VPN) and centralized Dial-up technologies.
  9. Install, configure, and manages the authentication software (RADIUS) for VPN and WiFi networks.
  10. Manages and maintains the VoIP soft switch that controls all VoIP phones on the County network. Manages and maintains the County's Enterprise Voice Mail system. Make basic changes to the VoIP Call Center systems – move, add, change for Call Center agents.
  11. Install, configure and maintains network management software to proactively monitor all layer two (2) and layer three (3) network devices.
  12. When requested, assist other County IT personnel in trouble-shooting application performance issues and errors. This is usually done by performing a packet trace and analyzing the output.
  13. Provides research and development of new products related to improving network availability, performance and mobility. Test new technologies and develop County standards for network equipment and protocols. Seeks approval, of these proposed standards from the Tarrant County IT Technical Committee.
  14. Performs all other related duties involved in the operation of the IT Department as assigned or required. Minimum Requirements:

NOTE: You must fill out the work history and education sections of application to show you have years of experience/education as required by hiring department or be disqualified.

Bachelor's degree majoring in an Information Technology related field plus three (3) years experience in Layer 2 or Layer 3 Network Infrastructure OR Associate's degree majoring in an Information Technology related field plus five (5) years experience in Layer 2 or Layer 3 Network Infrastructure OR High School diploma or GED plus seven (7) years experience in Layer 2 or Layer 3 Network Infrastructure

Hands on advanced working knowledge of the information technology tools and environments currently in use and/or planned for use in the near future for support of County networks.

Work independently or as part of a team.

Employee must have obtained the Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA) certification.

The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification is preferred.

Advanced oral/written communications skills, strong analytical and organization skills.

Ability to solve problems accurately, completely and quickly if necessary.

Ability to coordinate various activities simultaneously.

Make decisions and work without direct supervision.

Participate in and/or manage multiple projects concurrently without loss of quality on any project.

Driving may be required. **Must have a valid and current driver's license.

If hired, must provide proof of educational attainment at new hire processing

Tarrant County will conduct background checks on new hires that will include a criminal background check related to convictions and deferred adjudications since the age of seventeen (17) and may include credit reports, motor vehicle records, employment records, and educational attainment. A conviction or deferred adjudication is not an automatic bar to employment. Each case is considered individually. Incumbent must hold a valid Driver's License or State Issued ID card.

Physical Demands and Work Environment & Other Requirements:

While performing the duties of this position, the incumbent is regularly required to sit, stand, walk, bend, stoop, climb, lift, push and pull.

Job Title: LEAD NETWORK ENGINEER (WIRELESS) – Information Technology

Closing Date/Time: Tue. 11/07/17 11:59 PM Central Time

Salary: $3,243.99 - $3,568.39 Biweekly

Job Type: Regular Full-time

Location: Tarrant County, Texas